Material: 5 years
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New Sky Zone Glue is ideal for both classic and volume techniques, and is only for professional use. The product emits fewer fumes and has a longer bonding time. Recommended for professionals who work with fast speed. Don't use this glue for strip lashes.

Product Features

♦ Volume: 5ml / 10ml
♦ Color: Black
♦ Drying time: 1-2 seconds
♦ Bonding period: 6-7 weeks
♦ Fumes: Medium (lower than Sky S+)
♦ Viscosity: Low
♦ Shelf-life: 12 months (3 months once opened)
♦ Best working conditions: Humidity 50-70%, Temperature 18-28°C
♦ Included in the pack: Special Preserve pack for longer last, glue pin & silica sack

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