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The QBS Lash Lift Kit was created in the UK to give your lashes a semi-permanent lift and the curl of eyelash extensions while preventing harm to your natural lashes. Vitamins, microelements, hyaluronic acid, and other active compounds are included in the kit's formula to maintain your lashes healthy and abundant.

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QBS Lash Lift Kit includes:

Lifting Cream

♦ 10 x 1.5ml sachets

Apply a small amount of lash lifting cream from root to 1/3 up the lash for a lift and maximum ½ way up lash for lift and slight curl using a micro-applicator.

Processing time:

♦ Very fine lashes 4-5 minutes
♦ Fine or tinted lashes 5-6 minutes
♦ Natural healthy lashes 6-8 minutes
♦ Course healthy lashes 8-10 minutes

Neutralizing Lotion

♦ 10 x 1.5ml sachets

Processing time:

♦ Very fine, fine and tinted lashes 5 minutes
♦ Natural healthy and course healthy lashes 6 minutes

Moisturizing Serum

♦ 10 x 1.5ml sachets

Bonding Serum

♦ 1 x 5ml

Silicon Lash Lift Shields:

♦ Small x 10 pieces for dramatic curl
♦ Medium x 10 pieces for subtle curl
♦ Large x 10 pieces for more natural curl
Lash Separating Tool
♦ Perfect for separating and lifting lashes
Lash Foam Cleanser
♦ Effectively removes makeup and dirt from eyelashes

Product features:

♦ Provides semi-permanent lash lift
♦ A healthier option to eyelash extensions
♦ Promotes health and growth of your natural lashes with the following active ingredients: Urea, Biotin, Vitamin B3, Licorice and Horsetail Extracts.
♦ Moisturizing and conditioning lashes with Hyaluronic Acid, Cacao Butter, Hydrolyzed Silk, Aloe Vera
♦ Repair lashes with Panthenol
♦ The kit can be used for brow lamination
♦ Made in the UK
♦ Comes with full instructions
♦ No preparation needed. Use lash growth serum before for a more dramatic effect


♦ Patch test is required 24/48 hours before the treatment.
♦ Refer to full instructions for medical conditions affecting suitability for treatment. Consult with your GP if you have any doubts about using the products.

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