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QBS Brow lamination is a procedure that helps in redirecting the eyebrow. To generate a variety of brow texture, pattern, and even form, the laminated brow can be directed downwards, upwards, or even sideways. You may achieve a feathery brow effect while also keeping an eye on the development pattern of your brows, which may be kinked, curled, or arranged in various ways.

QBS Brow Lamination is great for gently perming brow hair to tame it and make it fluffy, to provide you with a beautiful and properly arranged Brow. The QBS brow lamination procedure helps in achieving brow symmetry as well as the ideal shape and color. Our brow lamination gives you the freedom to create that perfect brow shape, as you see on Instagram. It nourishes and strengthens your hair at the same time. Brow Lamination allows the contour to last up to 8 weeks!

QBS Brow lamination kit solves the non-symmetrical, wiry hairs eyebrow problem. Gives the Brow the perfect line and keeps it that way.

The fixing components used in QBS products for laminating brows guide the hairs and stimulate development and density. The eyebrows can keep their new form for a long time thanks to laminating!

Check our new Step by Step tutorial video on YouTube .

The QBS Mini Eyebrow Lamination Kit includes:s:

♦ 1 x QBS Lifting Cream Sachets 1.5ml
♦ 1 x QBS Neutralizing Lotion Sachets 1.5ml
♦ 1 x QBS Moisturizing Serum Sachets 1.5ml
♦ 1 x Y Comb Tool
♦ 1 x Instruction from Vendor



1. Slowly apply a thin coat of bonder and carefully straighten the hair, placing the hair in the right direction. Then shape with the mascara brush. Make sure the sparse area is appropriately covered, the brow hair is in the right direction, and the curly hairs are straightened.
2. Apply a tiny coat of the first step to the brow hair, ensure you are applying them closer to the roots if you need the hair to be in the right direction after the procedure. If you want to soften a thick hair or straighten a curly strand, you can apply it on the entire hair and leave it for some time. Refer to processing time depending on your clients brows.

Processing time:

♦ Very fine brows 3-4 minutes
♦ Fine or tinted brows 4-5 minutes
♦ Natural healthy brows 5-6 minutes
♦ Course healthy brows 6-7 minutes

Remove using a clean cotton bud, place used cotton bud in a bin.


1. Apply a small amount of the Neutralizing lotion to the same spot where step 1 was applied making use of a micro-applicator.

Processing time:

♦ Very fine, fine and tinted brows 5 minutes
♦ Natural healthy and of course healthy brows in 6 minutes

Remove using a clean cotton bud, place used cotton bud in a bin.

2. Carefully comb the eyebrow using a brow brush, following its shape as well as hair growth.
3. Prepare a chosen color of tint and apply them using a tint brush. Get rid of the tint after 3 minutes of applying it using a clean cotton bud.


1. Apply moisturizing serum on the Brow with the micro-applicator

What results can be achieved?

Be amazed with the result of this treatment. Your eyebrows will be bolder, natural, fuller, and obtain a beautiful shape.
Use the QBS Lash Lift kit to give your eyelashes a new look.

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