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1 Second eyelash glue is one of the fastest-setting eyelash extension adhesives currently available. This product has a quick drying period of less than a second, allowing for a quick treatment. This eyelash adhesive is black in color and has a thin consistency, making it ideal for both Classic and Russian Volume eyelash extensions. Recommended for professional eyelash technicians. This product should not be used on sensitive eyes.

We recommend using this product at a temperature range of 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level of 45-60%.
Use QBS lash primer and QBS foam cleanser in your pre-treatment regimen to get the most out of your glue and extend the bonding duration of eyelash extensions.

Product Features

♦ Drying Time: 1 Sec
♦ Color: Black
♦ Consistency: Thin
♦ Fumes: Strong
♦ Bonding Period: 6 Weeks
♦ Also included: Glue ring holder, Red pin, Silica Sac & Magic Preserve Pack

Check out our whole selection of eyelash extension adhesives, including those for classic and volume lashes, as well as those for sensitive eyes.

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