Thickness: 0.03mm
Length: 8 mm
Sale price€10,00


Lash Esthetics Easy Fanning Lashes our new product. Easy Fanning Lashes are designed to create ideal volume fans. They're super thin, and only require a minimal pressure on tweezers to create amazing 2D – 10D mega volume lashes. This product will help you save time while still allowing you to create expressive and fluffy sets for your clients.

We created these lashes with the help of our wide network of lash artists across the UK and Europe to provide you with the greatest tool for creating a stunning pair of Russian Volume lashes. Lash Esthetics eyelash extensions are also available in Classic and Cashmere FLAT types:

♦ Classic Lashes – 0.15mm, 0.20mm & 0.25mm
♦ Cashmere FLAT Lashes – 0.15mm & 0.20mm
♦ Volume Lashes – 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm & 0.10mm

Product Features

♦ 16 Lines per Tray
♦ Available Curls – B, C, CC, D
♦ Available Thickness – 0.03, 0.05, 0.07
♦ Available Lengths – from 7mm up to 16mm
♦ Material – Faux Synthetic Mink
♦ Mix Length Tray – 7mm X1, 8mm X1, 9mm X1, 10mm X2, 11mm X2, 12mm X2, 13mm X2, 14mm X2, 15mm X2, 16mm X1 line

Lash Quantity per Tray

♦ 0.03mm – 19000 single lashes (approx)
♦ 0.05mm – 17500 single lashes (approx)
♦ 0.07mm – 16000 single lashes (approx)

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