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BL Lashes Ulbon Glue is the best and excellent glue for eyelash technicians. It is a generic version of Ultra Plus Glue, so you will definitely also love this one. Blink Ulbon Glue does not contain as many fumes as Ultra Plus Glue and has a quick drying time of 3-5 seconds. It is for professional use only and ideal for lash artists. As it dries quickly, you can move quickly without the lashes sticking together. The natural lashes and extension will last up to 5 weeks. Use jade or crystal stone to get the most out of your Blink Ulbon glue.

Product Features

♦ Volume: 5ml / 10ml
♦ Bonding period: up to 5 weeks
♦ Setting time: 3-5 seconds
♦ Smoke: Medium
♦ Color: Pearl Grey
♦ Consistency: Liquid, Watery
♦ Shelf life: 6 months (3 months after opening)

This product should not be used on clients with sensitive eyes, and only skilled eyelash specialists should use it.

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