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BL Lashes Lash Cleansing Water is created specifically for eye area health care. T It's pH balanced to be similar with tears to prevent stimulation. The water gently and moisturizingly removes makeup residue and aged skin. Herbal extracts hydrate and soften the skin. The skin will be cleansed, toned, and soothed after using this water.

Product features:

♦ Eye area health care
♦ Deep cleansingpH balanced
♦ Moisturizing
♦ Natural herbal ingredients

How to use:

1. Apply sufficient amount of BL cleansing water on makeup cotton and wipe from inner to outer direction of the face until residues disappear
2. For point makeup areas hold for 10 seconds to melt makeup and then wipe gently
Use in combination with BL extension base to achieve the best results of your eye area look.

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