Thickness: 0.03mm
Length: 8 mm
Sale price€10,00


BL Lashes Faux Mink Lashes are made of premium PBT fiber, which has a very flexible form, ultra-light weight and shiny surface. Mink lashes are lighter and more flexible than synthetic lashes. These high-gloss synthetic Mink Lashes are curled and tapered to perfection, giving your clients a delicate and natural look. They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extensions. Blink tray lash is ideal for the quick and accurate eyelash extension, and it comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. BL is a global brand that expresses the beauty of women and is highly rated by eyelash extension technicians around the world.

Product Features

♦ Curl Options – B, C, D & J
♦ Thickness Options – 0.03mm, 0.05mm, 0.07mm, 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm
♦ Length Options – 8mm – 15mm

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