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BL Lashes Advanced Glue eyelash extension glue has a very low level of fumes. This is a hypoallergenic glue for clients who have extremely sensitive eyes. It dries quickly (in around 4-6 seconds) and has a maximum bonding life of about 2 weeks. It is only suggested for expert use, but is also a great tool for beginner technicians because the drying period allows for the correction of extensions if the original application fails. Do not apply Blink Advanced glue on yourself.

Product Features

♦ Volume: 5ml / 10ml
♦ Bonding period: 2 weeks
♦ Drying time: 4-6 seconds
♦ Color: Black
♦ Fumes: Very Low
♦ Consistency: Liquid, Watery
♦ Shelf life: 6 months (3 months once opened)

Check out our vast selection of eyelash extension glues if you're looking for a stronger adhesive or something specifically intended for Volume eyelash extensions. We store adhesives with low, medium, and high levels of fumes!

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