1. Before using the website www.salonuserviss.lv (SIA “SALONU SERVISS”, registration No. 40203320112), please read carefully these terms of use of the website www.salonuserviss.lv (hereinafter - the terms).
  2. By visiting the www.salonuserviss.lv website or using the information about the provision of goods and services posted on it, you personally or the person you represent, if you act on its behalf, agree to these terms.
  3. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not visit or use the www.salonuserviss.lv website or use the services and information contained therein.
  4. We would like to inform you that the purpose of processing the information entered on the www.salonuserviss.lv website (including personal data) is to provide the services specified therein and to provide assistance during the use of the www.salonuserviss.lv website.
  5. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” has the right to unilaterally change the content and terms of use of the website www.salonuserviss.lv at any time. Such changes shall take effect upon publication on the website www.salonuserviss.lv.
  6. From the moment you start using the www.salonuserviss.lv website or perform any activities on that website, you will be deemed to have read and comply with the terms and conditions in force at the time of use. Every user of the website is obliged to read the rules regularly in order to be informed in time about the changes made to them. If you do not agree to the terms, you are prohibited from using the Website.
  7. Users of the www.salonuserviss.lv website have the right to use the facilities and services offered on it at the price valid at the time of offering the respective service. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” has the right at any time to change the prices indicated on the website www.salonuserviss.lv and / or create new paid services at its own expense. Www.salonuserviss.lv all prices are inclusive of 21% Value Added Tax.
  8. To become a registered user of the www.salonuserviss.lv website, you must follow the registration procedure set out on the www.salonuserviss.lv website.
  9. The user of the website agrees to receive information from the website www.salonuserviss.lv on various updates, provided that the free and explicit consent of the user as a data subject has been obtained (except in cases when sending messages to the user on another legal basis).
  10. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” is not responsible for any expenses and losses incurred during the use of the website www.salonuserviss.lv.

Use of the services offered on the website www.salonuserviss.lv

  1. You must always follow the instructions on the www.salonuserviss.lv website.
  2. Do not misuse the information on www.salonuserviss.lv. You may use the services offered on the Website only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services if compliance with the terms of use of the website www.salonuserviss.lv is not ensured during the order.
  3. The website www.salonuserviss.lv displays the content and description of goods and other information that is the property of SIA “SALONU SERVISS”.
  4. In connection with the services used, SIA “SALONU SERVISS” is entitled to send notifications, reminders about started but not completed services and other information to the entered e-mail address in order to improve the quality of service provision. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” is also entitled to send information, including in the form of direct calls, about news, promotions and discounts of www.salonuserviss.lv and SIA “SALONU SERVISS” cooperation partners. You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving any news by editing this information in your user profile, unsubscribing from receiving news, clicking on the e-mail link or sending information to e-mail info@salonuserviss.lv
  5. If you are a registered user of www.salonuserviss.lv, but for some reason you want to delete your profile, please write to info@salonuserviss.lv

Payment Methods

  1. The main currency of this website is euro. Please select your main payment method provided by the payment gateway platform makecommerce.lv, Makseskus AS, from the following options Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor or PayPal.
  2. When making a payment using your internet banking account, once the order is confirmed, please click on “Return to the Vendor” field.
  3. All confidential information associated with this purchase will be collected by Makseskus AS.
  4. Once the payment has been processed we will officially confirm your order. If for some reason, clients order cannot be fulfilled, we will notify the client within 14 calendar days from the date original order was placed.

    Use and confidentiality of data entered on the www.salonuserviss.lv website

    1. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” informs that by providing your e-mail address, you agree that it is included in the database and can be sent to it from the website www.salonuserviss.lv a notice / reminder about started but not completed orders for goods.
    2. By using the www.salonuserviss.lv website, you agree that SIA “SALONU SERVISS” or any third party acting on behalf of www.salonuserviss.lv may collect and store data that allows the tracking and tracing of:
      • the total number of visits to websites,
      • IP addresses,
      • other data for the purpose of system administration, as well as to control the use of the www.salonuserviss.lv website and organize its improvement.
    1. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” on the website www.salonuserviss.lv is entitled to transfer the data collected and stored for information purposes and for statistical purposes to other companies as well. Personally identifiable data are not disclosed in this process and are not passed on to third parties.
    2. SIA “SALONU SERVISS” does not associate the user's IP address and e-mail address with data that allows to identify this user. This means that each user's session will be registered, but the user of the www.salonuserviss.lv website will remain anonymous.
    3. All materials sent or entered on the www.salonuserviss.lv website become the property of SIA “SALONU SERVISS”, which SIA “SALONU SERVISS”, as the owner of the www.salonuserviss.lv website, is entitled to use for its own purposes, except for personal data.
    4. Please note that by providing your e-mail address or sending any information to the website www.salonuserviss.lv, you have agreed that SIA “SALONU SERVISS” is entitled to use this data only for the above purposes, including for the purpose specified in Paragraph 14 of these Regulations.

    About the terms of use of the www.salonuserviss.lv website.

    1. In the event that any of the provisions specified in these Terms and Conditions expires, it will not affect the other provisions.
    2. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms or Services will be settled in accordance with the requirements set forth in the laws and regulations.
    3. All intellectual property rights in the www.salonuserviss.lv website belong exclusively to SIA “SALONU SERVISS”. In case of violation of these rights, the guilty person is called to liability in accordance with regulatory enactments, as well as is fully liable for all losses that are or could be caused to SIA “SALONU SERVISS”; and third parties.
    4. For information on how to contact SIA “SALONU SERVISS”, see the "Contacts" section of the www.salonuserviss.lv website.